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Victory Expeditions Tours and Safaris welcomes you to a real experience of adventure around Kenyan National Parks and Reserves. Kenya offers some of the finest natural attractions in the world, which when combined with a network of the outstanding hotels, game lodges and camps will give our visitors great value for their money.

There are basically 3 types of holidays in Kenya: Beach Holidays which involves relaxing on beaches and hotels while enjoying the coast sunshine along the Indian Ocean, Safari Holidays which has to do with traveling in parks, forest and game reserves while viewing the Kenyan wildlife and beautiful landscapes, and Activities Holidays – In this type of safari one is involve in mountain climbing, leisure walks, Ocean diving and many more. This type is ideal to the adventurous.

All our tours are arranged to suit your interests and schedule. Whichever safari you prefer, let us plan your itinerary and we’ll make it the best holiday you’ve ever been. For budget travelers, we can offer camping safaris where the clients sleep in twos in a tent and have the opportunity in helping setting up their tents.

Not only have we tried to offer competitively priced services but also top class services such as game lodges, and tented camps, beach resorts and exclusive hotels, etc. within our website and tariff. We believe they will suit you but should you think otherwise, we are more than willing to come up with one that suits you best. All you need to do is get in touch.